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UP TEKS CO., LTD. 29 yıldan fazla experence ile Tayvan NICERA satıcısıdır. 1987'den beri Elektronik Bileşenler Sektöründe Up Teks , müşterilerimize yüksek kalitede NICERA üretim hizmeti sunmaktadır. Hem ileri teknoloji hem de 29 yıllık tecrübesi ile Up Teks , her müşterinin talebini karşıladığından emin olur.



Nippon Ceramic Co.,Ltd. established June 1975, is a Japan-based company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of electronic components and related products. The products of the Company include infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, modules (ceiling light with motion detector, motion detector for light control (built-in type & finished products), general-purpose motion detector modules, lighting inverter, LED modules, remote control transmitter, infrared flame detection sensors, other sensor modules), ferrite cores, current sensors, transformer, gas sensors, hall elements, hall ICs, sensor application planning product applications including household equipment and plant facilities, automobile, home electronics and office automation equipment and electronics.

We continuously have been growing our hardware and software cultivated for human existence, aimed at creating a more comfortable life environment, which we are constantly striving to improve on a global scale.

  • Hardware: Our core products are ceramics and semiconductor materials which we are used to make infrared sensors to protect property and life, ultrasonic sensor for care safety and theft prevention, gas sensors to help maintain a clean environment, etc.. Our products are also used, as essential electronic components, for computer and mobile communications for a more convenient life. Our hardware is active in the growing market.
  • Software: With our hardware as key components, we push forward with our business to develop with our partners around the world. Our intellectual forerunner products ie automatic light, air purifier etc.. are manufactured and promoted by us, so that they may become household names.

As an international company, we acquired ISO 9001 certification, which are an international standard in quality control. We strictly control quality in every process from development and design based on ISO and our products are therefore reputed to be highly reliable in the market.

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  • özel özelliklere sahip elektronik bileşenler arıyor,
  • 2. marka bileşenleri üretmeye ve belirli tedarikçilerden gelen bileşenler için kaynak oluşturmaya ve makul fiyatlı bileşenler aramaya çalışıyor.