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Up Teks Seiko Service Introdução

UP TEKS CO., LTD. é revendedor Taiwan Seiko com mais de 29 anos experence. Desde 1987, na Electronic Components Industry, a Up Teks oferece aos nossos clientes serviços de produção de alta qualidade da Seiko. Com tecnologia avançada e 29 anos de experiência, a Up Teks sempre atende a demanda de cada cliente.



Seiko Instruments Inc., (SII) was established in 1937 is a Japanese company, which develops and commercializes semiconductor, micro mechatronics, and precision timepiece technology as a key watch manufacturing company, It is one of three core companies of the Seiko Group.

Seiko Instruments Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures watches, electronics components, and system solutions. The company's electronic components for businesses include semiconductors, quartz crystal, micro batteries, Co-Ni alloy products, and rare earth magnet; printers that include thermal printers, wide format LED and inkjet printers, and inkjet print head products; and machine tools that include grinder/spindle, FA systems, and precision turned parts. It also offers metronomes and tuners for personal applications; system solutions, such as order entry systems, electronic dictionaries, wireless data communication devices, network servers; and automotive voltage detectors for engines, transmissions and suspensions, anti-lock brake systems, related electric vehicle equipment, and hybrid electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle electronics.

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) is based on more than seven decades of dependable precision timepiece design, development and manufacturing. In today's dynamic business environment, we are faced with the challenge of responding quickly and flexibly to the diverse and constantly changing needs of individuals, corporations, and society.

To meet this challenge, SII will continue to develop advanced micro mechanical, and low power consumption leveraging our precision instrument manufacturing expertise. Throughout these transformations, SII will continue to be the company of choice for products and services to meet the needs of today's society.

Everything we do serves one common purpose: We want our customers to be satisfied. Highly functional components contribute to the developments in the electronics industry. We offer unique engineering solutions that enhance the productivity of our customers.

Entre em contato com a UP TEKS se você:

  • procurando por tipos de componentes eletrônicos que não são mais feitos,
  • procurando componentes eletrônicos com características especiais,
  • tentando fazer a 2ª marca de componentes, e terceirizando para componentes de fornecedores específicos e procurando componentes com preços razoáveis.