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Up Teks STMicroelectronics Service Introdução

UP TEKS CO., LTD. é revendedor Taiwan STMicroelectronics com mais de 29 anos experence. Desde 1987, na indústria de Componentes Eletrônicos, a Up Teks oferece aos nossos clientes serviços de produção STMicroelectronics de alta qualidade. Com tecnologia avançada e 29 anos de experiência, a Up Teks sempre atende a demanda de cada cliente.



STMicroelectronics (ST) is one of the world's largest semiconductor companies,Offering of the industry's broadest product portfolios include automotive products (automotive MCUs, automotive infotainment and telematics, automotive analog & power ICs), power management, advanced analog and standard ICs (amplifiers and comparators, audio ICs, clocks and timers, data converters, interface and connectivity ICs, logic ICs, reset and supervisor ICs, switches and multiplexers), MEMS and sensors, aerospace products, power discretes and modules (diodes and rectifiers, EMI filtering and signal conditioning, power modules, power transistors, protection devices, radio frequency transistors, thyristors(SCR) and AC switches), Memories, MCUs and Secure MCUs (Microcontrollers, Secure MCUs, SPEAr embedded microprocessors), digital consumer and application processors (digital set-top box ICs, TV and monitor platform ICs), imaging ICs.

ST focuses its product strategy on sense and power technologies, automotive products, and embedded-processing solutions. The Sense and Power segment encompasses MEMS and sensors, power discrete, and advanced analog products. The Automotive portfolio covers all key application areas from powertrain and safety to car body and infotainment. The Embedded Processing Solutions include microcontrollers, digital consumer and imaging products, application processors and digital ASICs.

STMicroelectronics is among the world leaders in a broad range of segments, including semiconductors for industrial applications, inkjet printheads, MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems), MPEG decoders and smartcard chips, automotive integrated circuits, computer peripherals, and chips for wireless and mobile applications. ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions by leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships and manufacturing strength. ST products are found everywhere microelectronics make a positive and innovative contribution to people's lives.

Genesis Microchip Inc. was a supplier of integrated circuits (ICs) for video processors in flat panel LCD TVs and Monitors. On December , 2007, STMicroelectronics announced the acquisition of Genesis Microchip.

Entre em contato com a UP TEKS se você:

  • procurando tipos de componentes eletrônicos que não são mais feitos,
  • procurando componentes eletrônicos com características especiais,
  • tentando fazer a 2ª marca de componentes e terceirização de componentes de fornecedores específicos e procurando componentes com preços razoáveis.
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