Maxim Power Management IC (PMIC)


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Up Teks Maxim Power Management IC (PMIC) Introduction

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Maxim Power Management IC (PMIC)

2018/11/06 Up Teks Co., Ltd.

Many mobile and handheld platforms use low-power, highly integrated microprocessor platforms that require both multiple voltage rails and battery management. Maxim PMICs offer this functionality, among other features, such as LED drivers for LCD display backlighting.

Maxim PMICs can be used with both specific and general-purpose mobile-processing platforms. These products have features that include support for multiple power rails, display backlighting, and battery charging. Typical uses include netbooks, e-readers, tablets, and smartphones.

Maxim offers industry-leading power management ICs designed to extend battery life in mobile applications. If your application requires world-class power management functionality, please feel free to contact us.

Maxim Integrated provides ease of design, and speeds time to market, through analog integration. The company's analog ICs offer extra features and functionality carefully designed to streamline circuit and simplify design. Look to Maxim for solutions for consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals, mobile devices, wireless and fiber communications, test equipment, instrumentation, video displays, and automotive applications. Maxim’s analog and mixed-signal solutions include data converters, interface circuits, power, RF wireless circuits, clocks and oscillators, microcontrollers (MCUs), operational amplifiers (op amps), and sensors.

We offer a full range of one-stop electronic component supply chain solutions that provide products and services in all areas of the electronics industry, The products are widely used in communication, automotive, medical, smart home, unmanned aerial vehicle, VR, charging pile, communication, computer, home appliances, electronic equipment, instruments, toys and consumer electronic products...etc. We can provide customers in spot procurement, bill of materials matching, sluggish inventory processing, reducing procurement costs and other value-added services. The company has a large number of long-term stock spot, sales a wide variety of brands line card to provide high-quality and convenient supporting services for domestic and foreign businesses.

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Maxim Power Management IC (PMIC) Product Lineup

  • PMICs, Wearables
MAX20335 MAX77680 MAX77681 MAX77640 MAX77641
MAX77714 MAX77752 MAX20303 MAX77278 MAX77734
MAX20310 MAX77651 MAX14745 MAX77650 MAX14690
MAX14720 MAX14750 MAX14676 MAX14676A  
  • PMICs, Mobile Processing
MAX77680 MAX77681 MAX77714 MAX77752 MAX77829
MAX77826 MAX8904 MAX8958    
  • PMICs, Consumer Handheld Application
MAX20335 MAX77680 MAX77681 MAX77714 MAX77752
MAX20303 MAX77278 MAX20310 MAX14745 MAX77829
MAX14690 MAX14720 MAX14750 MAX77826 MAX14676
MAX14676A MAX8904 MAX8982A MAX8982X MAX8682
MAX8893A MAX8893B MAX8893C MAX8857A MAX8680
MAX8858 MAX8662 MAX8663 MAX8660 MAX8660A
MAX8661 MAX8685 MAX8620Y MAX1584 MAX1585
MAX1566 MAX1567 MAX1565 MAX1586A MAX1586B
MAX1586C MAX1587A MAX1587C MAX8588 MAX1878
MAX1774 MAX1817 MAX8819 MAX8982  
  • PMICs, LCD and E-Paper Display
MAX20335 MAX77680 MAX77681 MAX20303 MAX20310
MAX14745 MAX14690 MAX14720 MAX14750 MAX14676
MAX14676A MAX14663 MAX16928 MAX16929 MAX16927
MAX17075 MAX8795A MAX8614 MAX1516A MAX1517A
MAX1518A MAX1997 MAX1817 MAX1748