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Up Teks SANKEN Service Introduction

UP TEKS CO., LTD. is Taiwan SANKEN reseller with more than 29 years experence. Since 1987, in the Electronic Components Industry, Up Teks has been offering our customers high quality SANKEN production service. With both advanced technology and 29 years experience, Up Teks always make sure to meet each customer's demand.



Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1946, at the time, the semiconductor industry was still in its infancy. We pursued research and development of semiconductors and used the technologies we developed to begin manufacturing power supply products. Since that time, Sanken has grown along with the electronics industry, and the company has established a firm position as a power electronics manufacturer, providing high-quality solutions to meet diverse customer needs. While focusing on the expansion of the semiconductors that are our core business, we will seek to improve the competitiveness of the products we make for electronic components and vehicles, areas with growth potential, and continue to use our accumulated knowledge and expertise to provide society with original and creative products as a power electronics innovator.

  • Semiconductors: Sanken Electric is a manufacturer of power electronics, with focus on power semiconductor products. Semiconductors products including ICs (power management ICs, motor driver ICs, LED driver/HID driver ICs), discretes (bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, IGBTs, arrays, thyristors, triacs, diodes, SiC schottky diodes), automotive semiconductors devices (HID driver ICs, power switch ICs, motor driver ICs, ICs for power supply, DC/DC converter ICs, linear regulator ICs, discretes, semiconductor relays), power modules (non-isolated DC/DC converters), LED (visible light). Power semiconductors play an important role in various fields, from home appliances, audio visuals, to automotives which are becoming more digitalized.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Business today depends on trouble-free computing. Power failures, voltage fluctuations, and other power supply problems can cause a range of serious problems, including system failures and the loss of valuable data. The effects of such computer failure on a business can be devastating. Sanken UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) provide a reliable supply of backup power in the event line power fails. Demonstrating Sanken's leadership in the field, Sanken UPS are used in a wide range of industries.
  • Switching Power Supplies: Sanken providing advanced unit power supplies ranging from general-purpose products to custom-made products, using our in-house power devices and unique circuit technology. Switching power supplies are indispensable for power conversion in electronic devices, Sanken combines unique current resonant circuit and power device technologies and employs Sanken power ICs to develop original switching power supplies, which are in including computers, OA equipment, and communications equipment, and FA industrial equipment.
  • AC Adapters: Mobile electronic equipment, typified by notebook PCs, is becoming increasingly popular today. Sanken developed the industry's first ever Soft-switching Multi-resonant Zero-cross (SMZ) resonant-mode circuit, which has enabled the creation of high efficiency, yet compact and light, low noise AC adapters. Furthermore, Sanken has combined technologies from the semi-conductor, power device and transformer industries with our own unique power supply technology, and optimized circuit and component technologies in the development of Sanken's proprietary resonant-mode power ICs and transformers. Compliance with various safety standards and EMI (noise) standards as well as universal input voltage compatibility enables Sanken devices to be used throughout the world.
  • Power Line Filters: Office equipment, home appliances, and other electronic equipment incorporate semiconductor-based electronic circuitry. This circuitry is sensitive to electrical surges and interference from nearby machinery, lighting fixtures, and audio-video equipment. Electrical supply variations can cause malfunction and loss of data or even damage the circuitry itself. Interference may result in circuit malfunction and damage as well as lead to serious accidents involving the operator or user of the equipment. Sanken's power line filters instantaneously absorb line noise impulses to protect equipment and data from unexpected damage. Available for 100V and 200V lines, Sanken power line filters not only protect industrial equipment from malfunction and damage but also ensure clear, noise-free image and sound from audio-video equipment.
  • Inverters: General-purpose inverters have made spectacular progress as devices for variable speed applications which meet demands for automation and saving both labor and energy in the industrial machinery and other fields. As expectations continue to increase due to technical progress, their applications are expanding. They are now employed not only in the conventional application market but also in the consumer products markets such as those for health and medical equipment, amusement equipment and equipment related to the environment or daily life. As these inverters penetrate into new markets, users' inverter-related demands are changing in line with the trends in each application market. To satisfy these demands, Sanken Electric offers solutions best suited to increasingly diverse needs, ranging from harsh environments to energy conservation.
  • Airway Beacon Systems: The lights that flash on bridge towers, chimneys, and steel towers are known as airway beacon lights. In Japan, owners of buildings and towers taller than 150 meters are required to install airway beacon lights on top. Sanken has nearly 100% share of Japan's beacon light market. Beacon systems consists of high-luminance lamps, a power supply, and a peripheral illumination meter. The lamps flash white light of 200,000-cd illuminance (daytime) (compare this with the 70 cd of a 60w light bulb) at 40 flashes per minute (1.5 sec. interval). Beacon lights are also required to endure rigorous environmental conditions, including strong winds, temperature extremes, heavy rain, and corrosive gases, while maintaining operational reliability and accuracy. With its state-of-the-art technology, Sanken has overcome these challenges to build the highest quality and reliability into each of its products.
  • DC Power Supply: As communications networks expand, high-quality, high-precision DC power supplies are becoming an indispensable power source for communications equipment and switchboards used at mobile communication base stations. Sanken applies its long-standing technical expertise in regulated DC power supplies to provide high-quality DC power supplies to power generation and transmission plants, plant control facilities, satellite ground stations, traffic monitoring systems, disaster prevention radio systems, and other public services. Sanken's latest switching DC power supply series is acclaimed as having the industry's most space-saving design thanks to its highly efficiency circuitry. In addition, the input harmonics current responsible for power loss is minimized. Energy-saving switching DC power supplies are expected to play a leading role in the multimedia era ahead.

Applications for Sanken products include: inverter motor controllers, automotive engine and ancillary system controllers, consumer and telecommunication power supplies, and medical and military equipment power management. Sanken products are particularly suited for high-efficiency products under green energy initiatives, such as variable-speed motors, solar panels, hybrid car engines, and Energy Star home appliances.

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