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Up Teks KEC Service Introduction

UP TEKS CO., LTD. is Taiwan KEC reseller with more than 29 years experence. Since 1987, in the Electronic Components Industry, Up Teks has been offering our customers high quality KEC production service. With both advanced technology and 29 years experience, Up Teks always make sure to meet each customer's demand.



KEC Corporation operates as a semiconductor company in South Korea. was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It offers MOSFET products comprising S MOSFET, low voltage MOSFET, high voltage MOSFET; BJT products including bipolar junction transistors, transistors with built-in bias resistors, complex device transistors, junction field effect transistors, USA/European specification models type transistors. The company also provides diodes, such as rectifier diodes, RF diodes, schottky barrier diodes, switching diodes, TVS diodes, zener diodes; and integrated circuits comprising positive voltage regulators, negative voltage regulators, LDO voltage regulators, voltage detectors (reset ICs), voltage reference, transistor arrays, logic MOS, relay driver, USB power switch, operational amplifiers, comparators, DC/DC converter, telecommunication IC. In addition, it offers automotive devices, including alternator diodes and power zener diodes (surge absorber); and IGBT products comprising 1200V IGBT, 600V IGBT, 1350V IGBT; and modules products including IGBT modules, diodes modules, MOSFET modules.

KEC is top class semiconductors corporation, breaking world market through relentless challenges. we pursue only one goal which's semiconductors from the time of foundation 1969. KEC got acknowledged for faithful quality and superb technology by worldwide electronic companies, which were achieved by its ceaseless development in technology and innovation in management.

By the year 2000, KEC got worldwide competitiveness in its major business territory, SSTR and now expanding the market by challenging POWER semiconductors for the goal to be No.1 at SSTR market in 2017 with the total revenue of U$ 600Mil.

KEC will create our better future by going forward the most compact SMD packages, ultra-power-saving discrete, the most efficient RF discrete... etc.

Our challenges to be "worldwide No.1 in semiconductor" will never stop.

Contact UP TEKS if you are:

  • looking for types of electronic components that are no longer made,
  • looking for electronic components with special features,
  • trying to make 2nd brand of components, and sourcing for components from particular suppliers and looking for reasonably priced components.
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