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Up Teks JAE Service Introduction

UP TEKS CO., LTD. is Taiwan JAE reseller with more than 29 years experence. Since 1987, in the Electronic Components Industry, Up Teks has been offering our customers high quality JAE production service. With both advanced technology and 29 years experience, Up Teks always make sure to meet each customer's demand.



Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. (JAE) established In 1953, is a Japanese corporation specializing in the manufacture and sales of electronic connectors. JAE began with the ambition of becoming a leading manufacturer in the aviation and space industries in Japan. Since then, we were able to expand and also specialize in designing and manufacturing connectors and gyroscopes. Always keeping our corporate philosophy "Explore, Create, and Practice" in mind, we were able to successfully establish 3 strong product lines:

  • Connectors - By type including board-to-board connectors, board-to-cable connectors, board-to-FPC (flexible print circuit) connectors, memory card connectors, memory module connectors, rectangular connectors, circular connectors, coaxial connectors, fiber optic connectors, automotive electronics connectors.
  • User Interface Solutions - operation switch assembly, cursor wheel, touch control, touch panel, touch panel monitor (UT3 series).
  • Motion Sensing & Control Solutions - downhole and oil & gas drilling (accelerometers & directional sensors), automotive (resolver & resolver to digital converter), aviation (accelerometer for civil airplane).

They are a recognized leader in providing solutions to complex design requirements. By combining divergent technologies from experience gained in the aerospace and automotive industries, JAE has been able to transfer these technologies into advanced connector designs with the most demanding applications in the industry.

JAE strives to be the number one partner for global customers by staying innovative and creative in an industry where technology is continuously evolving and advancing.

Contact UP TEKS if you are:

  • looking for types of electronic components that are no longer made,
  • looking for electronic components with special features,
  • trying to make 2nd brand of components, and sourcing for components from particular suppliers and looking for reasonably priced components.